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Welcome to our website.

Ningbo Weilong Port Machinery Co., Ltd(Ningbo Weilong Transmission Machinery Co.,Ltd.), is famous in manufacturing power transmission products. The company has been founded in 1998, today the company has research, manufacture, sales, service departments, and becomea leader in the industry.

The company covers 80 thousands square meters, has fix capital 110 million Yuan, and 20% is high education technical employee of whole 668 employees. Sales in 2008 for 400 million Yuan, also is Granted as Growth of science and technology enterprise by the government of Ningbo city.

Two decades to focus working hard, utmost transferring power for you.

The company has two area products as Mechanical transmission and Eletric transmission.

Mechanical transmission products have JS series steelflex tapered grid coupling, JM series diaphragm coupling, ML series coupling with elastic spider, GICL series cuverd tooth coupling, DC series drum coupling, SWC series universal coupling, etc. The couplings have 10 series and hundreds of specifications, they have CCS certified. An annual output of 30000 sets of different specifications and varieties coupling, and being used in metallurgy, energy, coal, chemical industry, port machinery lifting and general machinery. The high quality products are favored by users.

Electric transmission products are gantry cable reel, spreader cable reel, used in gantry cranes; cable festoon system, cable towline system, Conductor Lines used in trolley; the center current collector with high voltage, low voltage, telecommunication functions. the products comply with CE standards.  An annual output of more than 1,500 sets of different varieties and specifications of mobile power supply equipment. Are widely used in lifting, transportation, port machinery and other large mobile device supporting electrical systems, and exports to the world's 79 ports and regions following the main machines.

We are devoted to power transmission, we will be happy to serve you.